The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in Mehmet Akif Ersoy University was established by the ordinance of the Council of Ministers. It was published in the Official Gazette dated July 4, 2011, and 27984 (2 bis) number.  The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is currently located at 3rd Floor in the Block B of Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the Istiklal Campus of the University.

The faculty includes the following departments; Food Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering and Architecture departments. Undergraduate education in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was started with the department of food engineering degree program in the academic year of 2012-2013.


The primary vision of the Engineering and Architecture Faculty is constructing qualified academic and powerful research infrastructure within a short period of time. According to this vision, we predetermined the following goals.

  • To advance as an accredited institution in engineering education,
  • To gain the power of both national and international competitiveness,
  • To have qualified laboratories and classrooms, where up-to-date education are used,
  • To have an advanced relationship with nationally and internationally recognized scientific and technological institutions,
  • To develop a powerful corporate culture and identity.

Our mission is to be a faculty which generates knowledge on an international scale, develops solutions to the preferential problems of regional and national, generates projects that will contribute to the improvement of quality of life, and prioritizes university-industry cooperation. At the same time, to teach engineers who have both qualified and analytical thinking, qualities of leadership and creativity, and ethical values, use of information and technical equipment effectively and efficiently, adopt the necessities of lifelong learning and professional development.